A Valentine’s Resolution?

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. Yes, it’s exactly halfway through February, and 12.5% of the way through the year, but its also still a great day to get a New Year’s resolution up and running.  So, here we are. While it took a little bit longer than anticipated to get into action this year,  “Continuing the Conversation” is back. During the absence  some exciting new discussions have been coming up the pipeline, and you can look forward to new articles throughout the coming year.

Our fearless podcast leaders Rebecca and Michael have taken us down memory lane with 2018’s top 5 convos, and already captured some exciting new chats to get this year started. This encapsulation of dance moments and today’s top artists has me reminiscing on the beauty and emotion that dance helps illuminate. What kind of ideas, controversy, and breakthroughs will dance have in store this year, I wonder.

I have been talking with people in the dance industry a lot about the many challenges and controversies that arose within the art form in 2018.  As expected, I’ve heard many varying points of view on dance and gender roles, sexuality, harassment, tradition and modernization, and more. The intimacy of the dance community can create beautiful work and collaboration, but it can also blur the lines between professional and personal. And, while this can bring about great art, it can also raise some intense ethical questions.

It’s a lot to digest, so to help, guest contributors will be sharing their experiences through their own words right here. I have some thoughts I’ll be sharing as well. Right now, I’m finding my way back to ballet three years post-retirement, and I’ve got some things to say about it.  *Relationship Spoiler: It’s complicated and it hurts.* Visit us each week to read about this, listen to the pod, and catch up on all things dance. 


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Close Up: Paulio Sovari, Dancer and Dance Photographer

It’s World Ballet Day 2018! As the internet springs to life with dance from around the world, i’m featuring an artist who captures and shares ballet’s beauty every day of the year. paulio sovari’s appreciation for the oft unseen moment is distinct throughout his images. He often features intimate studies of dancers’ limbs, sinewy muscles, or post-performance fatigue. Paulio manages to show us his unique perception of dance in every snapshot. i hope you enjoy exploring his work as much as i do.  –AMy

Meet Paulio

Paulio Sovari was born in Romania and grew up in the United States. He studied at the Interlochen Arts Academy for piano and dance and graduated from the Juilliard School with a BFA in dance. Before he became a member of the Ballett der Oper Graz in Austria for the 2018/19 season, he danced professionally with Aspen Santa Fé Ballet and Staatsballett Berlin. He was also the official photographer of the Staatsballett Berlin and worked with refugee children in workshop presentations.

Paulio’s Photography

“Photographing dancers has reminded me of a universal truth that we are the perfect us as we will never be again. We must be open to criticism and becoming better or closer to a technique but never throw away the person, as how they specifically do something can never be recreated by another.”


“My favorite parts to photograph in “dancing life” are the in-between moments that should be secret. It’s the small gestures that people do, which usually go unnoticed and are never celebrated or brought to light…something as simple as a gesture or focus, fastening a tutu, sweating after a performance, a smile or laugh.”


“I document as a photographer. I do my best to capture someone’s essence, their energy, their rarity. I happen to do it in a ‘dance context’ but really, I am simply showing (sometimes even to the subject themselves) that they are enough: valid, interesting, and inspiring.”


See more of paulio and his work by following him on instagram @pauliosovari